Aircraft Maintenance Technician Traineeship

This traineeship is for learners interested in developing a career in aircraft maintenance. The course is designed to fulfil the basic theoretical training and practical experience requirements to apply for an EASA Part 66 Category A – Aircraft Maintenance Licence.

The Category A Aircraft Maintenance Technician course is delivered in conjunction with Atlantic Aviation Group.

Learners on the traineeship will complete their Aircraft Practical Training / On the Job Experience with Ryanair at Dublin Airport.

Identify the various metals and alloys, ferrous and non ferrous, their properties, use, treatment and limitations as used in the construction of modern aircraft. * Identify the most common fasteners and rivets used in construction and maintenance of modern aircraft. * Carry out a variety of practical sheetmetal tasks in a safe and efficient manner.
Represent and interpret technical and statistical information in a range of graphical formats.

Employability Statement
The successful completion of the EASA certified Part 66 Category A Aircraft Maintenance Licence will enable applicants to source employment in the field of aircraft technical maintenance and carry out a range of technical tasks associated with aircraft maintenance to industry standard. Applicants must apply to the Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) through the Part 145 Approved Maintenance Organisation for their EASA Part 66 Category A Aircraft Maintenance Licence.

Course Details
Course Duration
106 Weeks
Course Code
Start Date
Finglas Campus Jamestown Road, Jamestown Industrial Estate, Dublin 11.
Course Certification
Easa - CATA1