Apprenticeship is the recognised means by which people are trained to become craftspeople in Ireland. To become an apprentice a person must first obtain employment in their chosen craft with an employer who is approved by SOLAS to provide workplace training for apprentices.

Apprenticeship is a standards based education and training programme and generally consists of seven phases, three off-the-job and four on-the-job. The duration of an apprenticeship is typically four years.ApprenticeshipPhases


For further information on becoming an apprentice contact your local CDETB Training Centre or visit  Finglas Training Centre currently provides Phase 2 apprenticeship training in the following areas:


An electrical apprentice is involved in the installation, commissioning, testing and maintenance of various wiring systems and services in domestic, commercial and industrial applications.

Work ranges from wiring of domestic houses, ces and retail units to more complex systems involving instrumentation, process control and maintenance in industrial plants, hospitals and power stations.

Electricians also service, maintain and repair electrical equipment, both domestic and industrial.

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Plumbers install, maintain and repair the water supply, drainage and central heating in houses and other locations.

Installation work includes central heating systems and their controls, pipe-work, sanitary systems, drainage systems, guttering and rainwater systems and large refrigeration systems for industry.

Maintenance and repair work includes routine servicing and emergency repairs, which involves finding faults, replacing or repairing damaged parts, carrying out tests and ensuring that the system works properly.

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Sheet metal workers work with thin metal sheets (up to 3mm thick) which they bend, cut and shape using hammers, small presses, roller machines and guillotines.

Sheet metal workers are usually manufacturing such articles as ventilation equipment, catering and food processing equipment, computer and data communications hardware and can also be involved in vehicle manufacture.

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Motor mechanics are involved with the servicing, maintenance and repair of cars, sports utility vehicles (SVU’s) and light vehicles.

The work is wide ranging and includes routine servicing in accordance with manufacturers’ recommended procedures and the testing and approval of the structural, mechanical and electrical systems of the vehicle for the National Car Test (NCT) or Department of Transport test when required.

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The craft of carpentry and joinery is varied and wide. The occupation includes the setting out. production and assembly of joinery, which includes; stairs, doors, windows, floors and built in furniture.

Site work includes the construction of buildings and houses which require first and second fixing, including roofing. The place or work may vary, depending on the type of work done.

It could be on site in a workshop or in a private dwelling

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